Going back to home to “live with and live worth” projects. Finding your soul and filling your blanking life.

Going back to home to “live with and live worth” projects. Finding your soul and filling your blanking life.

We can not deny that both family and society institutions give the value of an education institute and having a career path that counts the value based on money salary as stability in life.

We are living in this competitive world to gain an abstract value likes “Honor” and “respect” from society. Which makes us not deny this value can not make us go back to living in our hometown with pride.


“Jeranun Boonklong or Nan” Activities graduated Bachelor’s degree in Economics Thammasat University decided to go back and start her life at her hometown within 23-year-olds. Her middle-class family has her mother and a younger brother who study majoring in Agriculture nearby university.


Nan is going back to her hometown with a strong soul and passion in embroidery, cooking and interest in agriculture. She is the seed of a new generation wave who will live with academics and socialize to grow and fertilizer our life.


From dreamer to doer for finding our own identity.

In the 1 Rai paddy field (1,600 Square Meters) designed to become mixed-use farmland full filled with more than 50 kinds of fruit, vegetables and perennials. This dreamy field is waiting to grow and rise.


Those “Mako” I grew since they were a seed and now they are ready to be harvested. Her intention and aspiration expressed by She can remember all the tiny details of each tree in her land, which one is easy to grow and which one has to take care.


After one year and seven months, she came back to live in her hometown. Her imagination land became in shape to fill up her blank canvas, some area still in her mind but soon it will be replaced with the small hut to welcome any children and anyone who would like to become sharing space for the learning centre and activity area.


Today after Nan being back to hometown is supported by Thai Volunteer Service (TVS) as one of the fourth generations of committee member Thai Volunteer Service Project. To support new graduated young blood generation returning to their hometown and creating the process of learning to be volunteers for change in their hometown community and society. Building the strong secure stability both mental and body for new next-generation coming back to their hometown through “Live with and Live worth project”


Live with

“This is a monkeypod tree, it will grow larger in the next three to five years” Nan pointing out to the small tiny one tree, She said that soon it will grow large, become symbolic and give the safe zone for every child in the neighbouring community.


“ I am always thinking of coming back to living in my hometown and How can I become a valued member to contribute to this community?” The concern is not only her community and hometown but also raises awareness to protect the local natural resources in the hometown. She hopes to keep developing this community.


In this dreamy field to build awareness for living with nature in the land and water resource in the local has. In the same field that is full of many children to fulfil the value in her life, remind her to live with the local community.


I became an inspiration to the child and they inspired her.


“Living in the hometown does not mean a happy ending story, Some time and something bothers her and she is still living under the pressure. Till I realize while she is embroidering and cooking with local children that I should be aware of becoming more giver value.


And what she gave to the children in the community is something she never got while she was a girl. The answer to Living with her hometown for “Nan” is “The Children’s future”. She still told us that working with the children is like fulfilling her life in the blank area in her heart.


“We use too much energy for working with the children but in return, we get the unlimited positive energy to her heart.”


Live worth


“I would like to come back to live in my hometown efficiently and effectively,” Nan says. Even though she looks like a kind and tender person but inside her attitude is full of passion and response to society. However, she must have the capacity to pay the bills and income. This is another factor of her performance to prove that coming back to hometown is not only a dream.


Nan spends her free time practising the baking and cooking skill and she has a made to order embroidery like a hat, bag, handkerchief and brooch under her brand “Craft House Studio”. Today her craft product is more than art because they made her income and took care of her family.


Back to your hometown does not mean turning you away from society and modern life.


Living in your hometown is not the answer to failure or success. It is the process of finding yourself, your soul, who you are, not the city you live in, not Bangkok or New York City. Here it is your home.


And living in your hometown, not only your things just come back and also get the benefit and leave everything behind in the big city. While Nan lives in her hometown she takes care of her community and calls out a Thai citizen for democracy back to Thailand.


“I always go back to Bangkok in some weeks that have a democracy protest with the new generation. This is not for me this is for everyone. When we have a democracy that people’s voice has been herded, society will be back on track and everybody including our community and children will be better.


liberate yourself from the other not letting you be free.


Many new generations would like to go back to their hometown. Back to living in their hometown is not as easy as it sounds. Living under a conservative and old traditional society, We have to use a lot of power and energy to prove ourselves many times and keep an effort to gain acceptance from the community or even our family.


The National Statistical Office of Thailand reports the number of Thai agricultural workers than 46% live in the Northeast area, we can say almost half of the farmers live here but why agricultural society is not accepted from new generations to come back to live in their hometown.


It would be better if society and community open their hearts and accept their children with a warm welcome to living in their hometown as a developer and their child to contribute their knowledge to make their hometown better ever.