When the North meets East, return to the homeland.

The return homeland project corporate with The Association for Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas Thailand (ThaiDHRRA) presented an exchange program at Mae Tha Organic, Mae Tha Sub-district, Mae On District, Chiang Mai Province (please check the correction) To learning from the role model of Sustainable Agriculture Community that fight for their vision stand for sustainable agriculture than 30 years and How to pass traditional knowledge to next generation.

For 4 days 3 nights to exchange the knowledge of the Homeland team all fourth generations from the north and east sector will learn from their experience in their local community, fulfil inspire and support each other for the long term.

Mae Tha community (Mea Tha Organic) is the role model for changing more than 30 years which happened form the generation to the generation under the same objective to build “Sustainable Agriculture Community”

To have an open space for exchanging is the new page of “homeland” project which helps the member support and learn from the other’s context experiences in the same direction to be a new generation that is returning to the homeland.

This Mea Tha phenomenon happened to focus on many dimensions of change to become a “Sustainable Agriculture Community” and pass support to new generations for returning home with efficiency.

The workshop of returning to the homeland to see the positive would be changing by a new generation in Thailand.